What's up, Design*Sponge?

I have a free pattern on Design*Sponge! You can check it out on the Design*Sponge website and, if you are so inclined, queue and fave it on Ravelry.

Knitting DIY_ Mary-Heather Cogar’s Heart Pins | Design*Sponge-1.jpg

I love Design*Sponge - it's my favorite website to go to for home decor ideas and inspiration - and was really excited to be approached by them to contribute a little DIY knitting project; the nice folks there were super great to communicate with, too. It's always good to see that people behind the scenes of a website you really love are friendly, happy people, right?


These heart pins are very speedy (like, a whole pin in one episode of Friday Night Lights speedy) and fun. Hard not to be happy when you're making a cute little puffy heart. Thanks, Design*Sponge!