My friend and coworker Christina and I thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves to post daily yarny, fibery, craft-related pictures for a month. For us, yarn is love - and who couldn't use more love? Because we are the type of people who love LISTS and SYSTEMS, we turned it into a thing: #yarnlovechallenge - a yarn-related daily photo challenge for the month of February! We'd love for you to join us!


In the image above you can see the themes we came up with for each day in February. The idea is to post a picture each day related to the day's theme, and use the hashtag #yarnlovechallenge so that we can scroll through the hashtag and easily find other people playing along. We also created a @yarnlovechallenge instagram account where we'll repost some of the pictures each day, so you can follow us on that account or our own instagram accounts (@oharethey and @maryheatherb) to keep up. Each daily theme would work with a yarn-related picture somehow (and we hope to see a ton of yarn, projects in progress, gorgeous FOs...) but there are some that will also work for sharing other details from your life, too. You can join in at any time, skip a day if you need to... it happens!

If this sounds fun to you, we'd love to have you join us! While a lot of activity will be happening on Instagram (just search for the hashtag #yarnlovechallenge starting in February!), we've also created a Ravelry group so that you can share photos even if you aren't on Instagram, or if you'd like to do a bit more chatting with other participants. 

Everyone is welcome to join so tell your yarn-loving friends! If it turns out to be fun we'll definitely extend this to future months, too! After all, we love yarn all year long.