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Bring on the granny squares!

I'm sure at some point soon I'll want to make something other than granny squares but for now it's all about the grannies. Grannies 4-evah! These were the first thing I ever learned to make with yarn (my grandmother taught me to make them when I was 5) and they are just so relaxing for me to make. It's also fun to feel that these simple squares are part of something bigger thanks to #crochetsummer2014

Actually they will be part of something bigger - this will eventually be a super-cheerful afghan! (So hard to predict that a bunch of granny squares would become an afghan, right? I KNOW.) I plan to do 100 large (eight-round) granny squares, and 80 small (four-round) squares. I'll connect the small squares in groups of four as pictured above, and then have a nice blanket - 10 blocks wide by 12 blocks high. On Instagram, Jill mentioned that she hadn't thought of single-color granny squares before - I am clearly not the first person to do this but this is also my first time working them in this way - I don't think it will be my last though because it's so simple and pretty! I confess my motivation for doing it like this was pretty much: laziness. I mean, yes, I think they show off the richness of all the handdyed semisolids here, but when I started this afghan I simply didn't want to have to think about choosing colors while making the squares or dealing with more than the minimum amount of yarn ends. Luckily, I really do love the look of these chunky blocks.

This has been a great stashbusting project and I love USING all these beautiful solid and semi-solid fingering weight yarns I've had squirreled away, some skeins for years! I started this project almost a year ago and have been ramping up the progress on it lately thanks to my recent travels to TNNA and Squam.  In a couple of days I head out to the Bay Area to visit my family (my mom is having a big birthday this Friday!) and I hope to knock out quite a few more squares over the weekend. I would just love to have this finished by the time it's cool enough to think about cuddling up under a cozy wool blanket this fall.

This week in pictures: a New Year

The face on that pupper. It kills me. Such a noble beast... until he wants to get a belly rub. (He always wants to get a belly rub.)

For this next week, I'm thinking about random acts of kindness, inspired by this post from Jen at Peanut Butter Runner. Take a look and join in, if you like! Up with kindness in the New Year!