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Bring on the granny squares!

I'm sure at some point soon I'll want to make something other than granny squares but for now it's all about the grannies. Grannies 4-evah! These were the first thing I ever learned to make with yarn (my grandmother taught me to make them when I was 5) and they are just so relaxing for me to make. It's also fun to feel that these simple squares are part of something bigger thanks to #crochetsummer2014

Actually they will be part of something bigger - this will eventually be a super-cheerful afghan! (So hard to predict that a bunch of granny squares would become an afghan, right? I KNOW.) I plan to do 100 large (eight-round) granny squares, and 80 small (four-round) squares. I'll connect the small squares in groups of four as pictured above, and then have a nice blanket - 10 blocks wide by 12 blocks high. On Instagram, Jill mentioned that she hadn't thought of single-color granny squares before - I am clearly not the first person to do this but this is also my first time working them in this way - I don't think it will be my last though because it's so simple and pretty! I confess my motivation for doing it like this was pretty much: laziness. I mean, yes, I think they show off the richness of all the handdyed semisolids here, but when I started this afghan I simply didn't want to have to think about choosing colors while making the squares or dealing with more than the minimum amount of yarn ends. Luckily, I really do love the look of these chunky blocks.

This has been a great stashbusting project and I love USING all these beautiful solid and semi-solid fingering weight yarns I've had squirreled away, some skeins for years! I started this project almost a year ago and have been ramping up the progress on it lately thanks to my recent travels to TNNA and Squam.  In a couple of days I head out to the Bay Area to visit my family (my mom is having a big birthday this Friday!) and I hope to knock out quite a few more squares over the weekend. I would just love to have this finished by the time it's cool enough to think about cuddling up under a cozy wool blanket this fall.

Squares and swatches.

Recently, inspired by our new ability to add fiber stash in its own special place, I updated my entire stash on Ravelry. Yarn, fiber, all of it. Whee! I also sorted out a huge box of awesomeness to destash. While organizing everything, I pulled out a bunch of solid and semi-solid fingering-weight yarn with the goal of making a granny square afghan in spare moments. 


I'd like 120 squares total: 100 made up of 8-round granny squares, and then 20 made from smaller 4-round grannies, pieced together in groups of four.  I was fine with this taking years and being a nice, back-burner project for a while. A square or two a month? Sure, whatever.


Then Breaking Bad's final season started. The thought of making something I have to really look at or think about while watching that show is laughable - and honestly, that show can get so tense it's probably not a good idea to work on something in which consistent gauge is super important, either - so this blanket, so far, has gotten a little extra time in the hands, and is coming along faster than expected. It still may take a good long time, and that's fine, but it's nice to see my stack of squares piling up. The start of football season (FINALLY!) means I'll have some more TV time ahead to devote to these squares. I'm all for it! (Just hoping my Steelers give me more to cheer about in future games than they did yesterday...)


In other news, the swatch above might look familiar if you saw Ysolda's recent announcement about her upcoming book, The Rhinebeck Sweater, on her blog. In the photo, you can see the back of my unbloggable project from this time last year. You can also see the front in this post, in the photo where I'm WALKING A BABY LLAMA! His name was Andy and I love him. It was such an honor to participate in the project with my cardigan design, and I just adored the sweaters that all the other designers contributed. I think Ys created a really special book, and I'm so excited for her to share the full details.