My 2015 Craftmas in July plan!

Craftmas in July begins tomorrow! I have not taken the time to finalize my projects for this craft-a-long until this evening, but I think the night before it begins is as good of a time as any to figure out what I'm doing, right? Right!

This year, I'll be keeping Craftmas simple and focusing on two gifts. 

Ravelry: rainydaygoods' Queue 2015-06-30 18-32-31.jpg

First up: a monster for my nephew! Already queued up on Ravelry, Rebecca Danger's Harold the Houseplant Monster , from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters

I'll use some stashed Quince and Co. Chickadee for this - leftovers from the wedding of my brother Michael and SIL Julie (Silas' parents). I knit wedding shrugs for both Julie and her flower girl from this yarn, and using the leftovers for a project for my nephew feels right. :) 

Next: a felt ornament for Jacob! So far a little sewn chocolate chip cookie is the front-runner idea. I had so much fun handstitching last Craftmas and look forward to doing it again!

If I have enough time and gumption: I'll plan - or even get started on - this year's ornaments for my coworkers' children. (Last year I made them little felt stockings with their initials that were copies of an ornament my great-grandmother made for me when I was a toddler.)

Are you participating in this Craftalong? Don't forget to tag your projects, tweets, and Instagram pics with #craftmasinjuly so we can all follow around! I can't wait to see all the festive projects we create together!

Craftmas in July 2015

Is it a billion degrees where you live, too? Doesn't that just make you think of the holidays? No? Well would you want to do some holiday crafting anyway? 

Last year, along with Sarah and Christina, I helped to start a super fun craft-along: Craftmas in July! The motivation was simple: in our Ravelry work chat, we had often talked about how much we loved holiday crafting and decorating our homes with handmade loveliness, but despite ever-growing Pinterest boards we all found that during the actual holiday season we rarely had enough time to get through all the crafty projects in our queue - especially projects destined for our own homes. We realized that taking some time during the summer to focus on holiday projects would make for a more relaxed holiday season, so the idea for Craftmas in July felt like a present we could give ourselves. (Is that cheesy? I don't care, it's true. And it really was awesome - we were a small but enthusiastic group!) 

Here are the guidelines we use:

  • All holidays are welcome! I celebrate Christmas and so will be doing Christmas-y crafts, but we're using the -mas suffix here to make up a word for a Crafty Festival/Feast Day/Holiday. Yay for holidays!
  • All crafts are welcome, too, as long as the project is holiday-focused in some way.
  • We'll be doing this in July, of course. The whole month, aw yeah.
  • The original focus, last year, was to work on festive projects for our own homes, rather than gifts for others, but if you want to participate and use this time to knock out some holiday gifts, go for it!
  • You can post about what you're doing on Instagram and Twitter - and we'd love for any participants to use the #craftmasinjuly hashtag,  so we can all easily check out what other folks are doing. If you make knitted, crocheted, or woven items, please tag those Ravelry projects with #craftmasinjuly too! 

That's it! Last year, I made the projects pictured in this post - some wall hangings with wool felt and embroidery hoops, and some cute wool felt ornaments for Jacob. Pulling those things out when I started decorating for Christmas made me do an actual fist pump - I was like, WAY TO PLAN, MH! I want you to have that feeling too. ;) This year, I definitely want to make another ornament for Jacob, and am still thinking about other project possibilities: gifts? A tree topper for our home? I'm not sure yet but will for sure be mining my Christmas Spirit Ravelry Bundle and Merry Little Christmas Pinterest board for inspiration!

If you think you might participate please let me know in the comments - this was so fun last year and I know it'll be a good time again. I am so excited, and hope you join us!