Quick update: @maryheatherb, YouTube, hi!

Phew, it's been a long time since I've blogged. I'm so pleased to be in a place where I am excited to log in here and write again! I wanted to get the ball rolling with just a couple of quick updates! 

  • I changed the name of this website to my actual name - maryheatherbrowne.com
  • If you're on Bloglovin' you can follow it here (indented to hopefully connect with my blog on Bloglovin'): 
  • For my regular RSS feed, for Feedly and other RSS readers, click here.  
  • I've also updated my username on the social media accounts I use - Ravelrytwitter, instagram, pinterest, periscope, and goodreads - to be @maryheatherb
  • It feels refreshing to use my name instead of a username!
  • I've started sharing videos on YouTube! So far they have been planner related (as in a paper planner - will have to write more about my newfound paper planner love here later!) but I have plans to make other craft related videos and tutorials as well as just vlog my life there sometimes. Turns out making videos is something I really enjoy, so it's fun to have this new creative outlet! My channel there is MaryHeatherB as well. You can subscribe from my channel page to catch new videos as soon as they are posted, and I plan to post them here as well. 

Phew! Lots of catchup. I'm excited to begin taking the time to write again, excited about creating and making things (as always), and excited to be sharing them here. If you have read this far - thanks for hanging in there! It feels good to be back. Oh - and one more thing:

  • My dog Charlie is still the very cutest.