Craftmas progress: all felt all the time

Felt embroidery hoop wall art for Craftmas in July!

Felt embroidery hoop wall art for Craftmas in July!

A quick Craftmas in July update today! I've been working on the projects that inspired it all: some felt + embroidery hoop wall art. Originally I had planned to use some cute vintage Christmas stencils for these designs, but I ended up just sketching and making these up as I went along. I am really enjoying the process of handstitching these together, layer by layer. So repetitive and simple and relaxing!

Still to do for these: 

  • stitch down the peace dove
  • figure out what I'll put in a third, larger hoop (trying to think of something that will go with the other two, which means it should also look like it would belong on a church altar banner in the 1970's... an unintentional theme here, to be sure, but one I'm rolling with) and then make that one
  • decorate the hoops somehow - I'm thinking paint and glitter because my Craftmas projects have no glitter so far and that just isn't right
  • finish and back the hoops

I'm already planning on doing Craftmas in July again next year. No-deadline-pressure holiday crafting is, it turns out, the BEST.