Super amazing progress! Wait no, the opposite of that.

Posted on by Mary Heather


Well, I can't say I didn't wish I'd made more progress on my Ravellenic Games High Road. Monday night, while watching the Olympics, I wound up the smaller hank of yarn, and got through the first increase corner section... twice. The first time, I couldn't find my size 6 needle, so I thought a size 7 would do fine. I didn't love the fabric so had to do a little needle excavation in my closet to find the proper size. The second time, I  ended up one stitch off. (Yes, turns out that even if you've knit a pattern twice - a pattern you designed, at that - you might have to pay attention sometimes.) So I ripped.

Last night, between working late and getting completely wrapped up in those darn Olympics again (seriously I'm an Olympics fanatic, always have been and always will be, I just love them!), I didn't knit a stitch. Tonight, I'm definitely going to put in some quality time with this shawl - I'm going to have to crank to finish this in time, but it's still possible. I can do it! Like a champion! WOOOOOOOO!!!!