Mitts for the trail.

I finished my fingerless mitts! Cast on during my recent vacation, and completed on Wednesday night - conveniently, shortly before the official beginning of Autumn. 


Project Details (also on Ravelry): 

  • Pattern: Rinconada Mitts, a pattern I wrote up and even had test knit a couple years ago, but then never published. It'll be released soon! I originally got the idea for these on a cold autumn walk with Charlie on the Rinconada Canyon trail here in Albuquerque. Fingerless gloves and mitts are pretty practical with a leash. My first pair was knit up in two solid colors of Bijou Basin Tibetan Dream (I still have those and love them - the yarn has held up well!). The single-row stripes are definitely bolder in that version, but I also really like the subtle watercolor effect that these two variegated colorways have together, giving the impression that the slipped-stitch vertical stripes are flowing along the entire mitt. 
  • Yarn: Pagewood Farm St. Elias, a blend of 80% Bluefaced Leicester wool and 20% nylon. Totally dig the BFL/Nylon blend. It's very soft with a slight halo (thanks BFL!), but I bet the 20% nylon will ensure that the mitts are durable. SInce I'd never in a million years be described as delicate, this pleases me in a fingerless mitt! The colors in these yarns are echoed all over the sandy dunes and sage bushes in the canyons.
  • Modifications: None; these are a sample for the to-be-published pattern.

It'll be time to wear these here before I know it. I'm ready!