Let's catch up.

Finished the first Bosque Trails hat!


I love a good slouchy hat and an easy-to memorize stitch pattern. 


So I started another Bosque Trails hat! This one is on hold at the decreases; lately I've been focusing on projects for my brother's wedding (more soon). I also might have a fun and unusual project that I'll have to keep under wraps for a bit - figuring that out this week. Busy is good!


Went to Texas to meet with the rest of the Ravelry staff for some in-person goal setting and planning! It was fabulous. So inspired by the team I work with, all day every day.


And of course, Charlie is always nearby.


Jacob's Halo game on the TV in the background there is amusing me. It shows a typical scene around here when we're fortunate enough to get a lazy weekend morning. I'll knit, Jacob will play a game or put on an old movie (most likely a classic and/or a Western), and Charlie will supervise us both. 

Also, there are some really foul-mouthed little kids playing Halo and learning to cuss as they talk smack into their headsets. In case you weren't aware.