June #yarnlovechallenge coming up!

Since my last blog post, the Yarn Love Challenge kind of blew up on Instagram - Christina and I were so thrilled with and blown away by the response during that first month! It has been so fun to share yarn-themed photos with a huge, growing community of crafty people. There have been new prompts and challenges each month, but to prevent overload we've alternated daily challenge months with weekly challenge months. So far it has been working out well; the challenge is just a ton of fun. June is a daily photo challenge month and I'm excited - June is often a slower month in the yarn and fiber world, and I think that daily photos will remind me to create and work with yarn every day. It's good for the soul.


I hope you'll join the fun! Participating is easy: beginning June 1, take a photo every day inspired by that day's prompt and post it on your Instagram account or in the Yarn Love Challenge Ravelry group. You can also follow @yarnlovechallenge on Instagram - I repost pictures from the hashtag there, and it's an easy way to see some of the beautiful photos from each day's prompts. Be sure to use the hashtags #yarnlovechallenge and #yarnlovechallengejune, and check those hashtags to see all the other fibery photos - you'll be sure to virtually meet some wonderful yarn lovers. If you skip a day, jump back in on the next prompt or post multiple pics a day until you're caught up. We're easy-going. 

That's all there is to it! I hope you can join us - I already can't wait to see all the yarny, fibery photos this June. If you'd like to follow along with my photos for June's #yarnlovechallenge, I'll be posting them on my instagram account, @maryheatherb.