California, I'm coming home.

I'm off to California today! I'll be spending a week at the coast with my mom, my brothers, my future sister-in-law, and I'll even get to see a dear old family friend get married (my "other brother," Jared, and his lovely partner Angela are getting married!). I'm so excited for the family time as well as the time with the ocean and the forest. I've lived in many places, but California will always be home to me, and though I'm a mountain person to the core, when I go too long without breathing ocean air I get a little cranky. Can't wait to soak my feet in the Pacific! 


Normally I don't count on having much time to knit when I travel. I generally prefer reading in airports and planes, and during trips I'm usually working or with my family, which means we're out and about all day and busy chatting and cooking and eating in the evening. This time, we're going to be driving up and down (well, technically, down and then back up) the California coast, and since I'll be in the passenger seat I should actually be able to get some good knitting time in! I'm bringing yarn for some fingerless mitts. I hope to whip up at least one pair... but I'm bringing yarn for three. Crafters, you know how we do.

Also, I finished the striped sweater I was working on! Despite being a Very Good Knitter with my generously sized, well-blocked swatch, I still had a moment of panic when the sweater came out of it's bath and was large enough to use as a robe. A generous robe, at that! I let it dry flat on a towel for a few hours and then put it in the dryer, where it shrunk right back up to the size it should be. It's packed away for my trip and I'll try and get pictures when I wear it. I might end up ripping the sleeves back and re-knitting them - they're a good length, but the sleeve bottoms are a bit looser than I'd like, I think. I'll wear it over t-shirts on my trip to see if the extra room feels right. 

Airport time! See you from the best coast.