Ravellenic Games: Handspun Heptathlon

Posted on by Mary Heather


I'm so excited about this year's Ravellenic Games

First I'm spinning this beautiful fiber into yarn, which I'll then use to knit a new High Road for myself - I really want one in blues, and this fiber, with its blue and green hues, is just perfect. The fiber is Bluefaced Leicester from Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio. I bought it long ago - 2008 or maybe even before... I was still living in Los Angeles, for sure. So nice to finally use this lovely fiber to make some pretty yarn. BFL is a joy for me to spin, so I've really been enjoying the process!


It took me a while to commit to participating in the Games. I have a ridiculous history of starting big projects for big group KALs and events like this and, well, not finishing them. This time, my Ravellenics team (Team DBAJ, made up of the awesome Ravelry site mods, me, and Sarah) has been cheering each other on and keeping each other motivated. Coach Sparkli is even giving me daily reminders to take a lunch break (I rarely do) so I can get in a little mid-day spinning time, which I need if I want to actually complete this project. I'm having a blast!

Are you participating in the Ravellenic Games? If you are, I hope your project is going well! I'm so inspired by the projects I see posted in the group and coming through the finish line  - the Games are definitely giving me a burst of much-needed craft mojo. So far I've spun up almost 3.5 oz, which means I have just a little spinning left to go before I ply. I hope to be working on the shawl by this weekend!