A new rainydaygoods.com!


Hello and welcome to the new Rainy Day Goods website! I started my little blog in 2004 (that's, what, 20 years ago in internet years?). For some time now, I've been plotting a redesign of the site, and have been thinking a lot about how I want to use the space: a central record of my crafts, food, and life, with a prettier pattern store area (and room to grow for new patterns), an organized place to post recipes (coming soon!) and a nice crisp look. I've always used Squarespace to blog, and the release of the new Squarespace 6 motivated me to try it out and get my new site going. It has been fun to build a new little internet home. This site feels so fresh and so clean to me - I'm so excited to restart my blog in this nice new space!

 In addition to a craft blog, this will be my place to share recipes & document details and events from my life... and of course, post pictures of my dog. If you'd like to follow along, you can subscribe to this new blog's feed (it's different than my last blog feed, since this is a whole new site). Thanks for checking out my new site - I'm already looking forward to sharing my crafts, food, and life here!