Summer Essentials!

My latest YouTube video is all about the products that have become my must-haves this summer. Sunscreen, skincare, hair, makeup... in the summer I really opt for ease in all of these areas (except sunscreen - hello, gotta be SUPER diligent about that!) and so far this year I've found some new favorites that I wanted to share! 

I am pretty picky about my summer skincare, hair, and beauty routines - I want easy, glowy, pretty, and long-lasting even on the hot, hot days we get here in New Mexico. You can watch the video for details about the products, but the names and links for everything I mention can be found below!

A quick note - in the video, I also mention that my YouTube channel just hit a big milestone: 1,000 subscribers! This is so exciting to me - I have really been enjoying learning about making and editing videos and connecting with the great community on YouTube, and it's been a happy surprise that people have been commenting on and liking my videos and especially subscribing to see more. Thank you so much - I'm having a blast. I have a lot to learn when it comes to my channel and I am so motivated to keep at it! 

Ok - products below! (These are affiliate links - if you choose to use them, thanks!)

What am I missing? Do you have a new summer fave that you're loving right now? Let me know in the comments here or on YouTube! 

It's Craftalong time!

It's Craftmas in July and Tour de Fleece time and I am so eager to jump in!

I'll be participating in both craftalongs this month, and vlogging my progress along the way. (This will be my first vlog-style YouTube video too and I am excited to try something new with my videos as well!)

Tour de Fleece is a giant spinning craftalong that takes place concurrently with the Tour de France each year. That means it starts today! I am excited to be participating with Team Spindlers, with the simple goal of spinning every day during the tour. I'm starting with fiber I began spinning for a previous Tour de Fleece (...ahem) and will focus on finishing that handspun project. 

Craftmas in July is a smaller craftalong that I started with Sarah and Christina two years ago. We wanted to make Christmas projects for our homes well outside of the holiday season. We post our progress using the #craftmasinjuly hashtag and welcome anyone who wants to make things for any holiday (with any sort of crafting) to join us! This year I'll be using the star ornament kit given to me by my friend (and super talented designer) Laura Nelkin at the summer TNNA trade show last month. I've never knit with beads before but I'm confident that Laura's instructions will guide me through. I can't wait to see these beautiful ornaments decorating my tree this winter!

With both of these craftalongs I'm keeping my goals simple, as you can see, and mostly looking to enjoy the process and the fun of participation and cheering along with the progress of other crafters. Last year, I was super motivated for Craftmas in July but lost my beloved grandfather on July 1, and it was a while before any I had the motivation for any sort of crafting at all. This year, I'm looking forward into dedicating myself to some quality making time again. 

Are you participating in Tour de Fleece or Craftmas in July? I am excited to see all the holiday crafts and beautiful handspun made this month!